Sunday, May 2, 2010

NSD-My Pink Stamper Challenge #4

This was the "I like you least" challenge! You were to use that cartridge that you just "had to have" but then you never use it! For me that is My World. Someone suggested it when I bought my E, so I got it. I've used it once, until now! I also used Storybook for the letters, another cart that someone recommended and the only thing that I use it for is all the pretty shapes and not the font that they said I would like. So, I used the font FINALLY! The cardstock is all the Paper Studio and the pattern paper came from a pack that I got at Costco (another one of those "had to have" and yet I rarely use it!)


  1. Love your card! It turned out really cute. I really like the designer background paper. Thanks for participating in the challenge.


  2. I like the card.. the font has an "elegance" to it. I can't believe you don't care for it too much.