Thursday, February 11, 2010


We don't get snow very often and usually we get some form of ice, but today we have snow! It's been snowing since about 4-5 this morning! (We never get it for that long!) As of 2 p.m. we have 4" of accumulation! (I've lived in Texas my whole life and I don't ever remember getting this much snow!) I thought I'd share some of the pictures!

This was our house about 7 this morning!
This is the snowman we built!

This is the back deck about 1:30.
We tried to take Travis to school this morning. This was one of the two buses that had slid off the road. Both buses were less than a block from my house. We turned around and went back home! Don't know if they ever got the buses moved!


  1. The roads look monstrous but your home looks like a fairy tale castle in it's snow setting. Stay warm, stay dry, stay inside! hugs, eileen

  2. Rhonda

    Your house looks so pretty with the snow. We hardly ever get snow either here in TN, mainly ice, but we have had more snow last year and this year. I am just glad we didn't get what the east coast did!!!

    Marilyn C.

  3. Wow.. I agree... snowy house looks gorgeous!! When did they get the bus out?