Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy 60th Birthday-Whataburger!

I know that I haven't been posting, but I have been busy and so has my Cricut! My daughter works for Whataburger. Tuesday, Whataburger turned 60! You can't have a birthday without a BIG party, so Whataburger gave away free burgers and each store was to choose a theme and decorate for the big event! My daughter, my husband, me, her general manager, another friend, and my Cricut were very BUSY! I have to say, I'm so glad that it is over! There was orange and brown paper everywhere in my craft room and cardboard boxes for the cutouts all over the house! Here are some pictures of the finished products! We used Old West for all the shapes! The paper is from the Paper Studio and CM and I used Chalk Ink from Colorbox to give the images some depth!

My husband drew the cowboys onto cardboard and then we cut them out with scissors then painted them black. The wanted posters are the managers! The poster is a cut in Old West and then we distressed the edges! On the far right, Amanda made a sign for the tea! You can also see some of the shapes hanging from the ceiling. We used rope from Home Depot for the garland! This was my favorite image! I think that this area turned out really well!
Amanda made wagon wheels for the ketchup baskets that sit on the tables!

These are made from cardboard. Too bad the Cricut can't cut really big shapes!

This is the condiment cart made to look like a covered wagon or at least the best we could make it look like one! You can see more shapes hanging from the ceiling.

This is Kimberly. (Isn't she cute!) She helped us with the projects! This was the girls outfit. You can see some of the cacti that we cut out in the background. Amanda went to her grandparent's and got her saddle along with empty feedbags and hay!
This is Amanda at the counter and ready to take orders! She worked really hard on this and I am very proud of her! All the ideas were hers even though we helped in implementing them!

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  1. Whatafabulousproject!!!!!!! You all did an amazing job. Yeah Amanda on all of the amazing details. Yeah Mom, Dad, and Cricut for all the help in implementing them. hugs, eileen