Saturday, November 21, 2009

A quick card

Travis was invited to a birthday party today and when I got up this morning, I realized that I needed to make a card. I decided that I'd use this card from the Wild Card cartridge. When making a card using WC the first thing you need to cut is the envelope. I did this using the fit to page button and a thinner piece of cardstock. Thick cardstock will not work as well for an envelope. You also need to make sure that you use a strong adhesive, especially if you are mailing it! I used Zip Dry glue. Then I cut my card and the layers. The phrase for this card is #1 Teacher, but I wanted it to say #1 friend. I used my Gypsy for this. I measured the circle in middle and selected that same size circle as an image on my Gypsy. I then took the # sign and the 1 from Alphalicious and the friend from Graphically Speaking. I could then over lay these images onto the circle to see exactly what size to cut them! It was super easy, no guessing at what size would fit!! Once everything was cut, I used mono adhesive to put it all together! Oh, another GREAT thing about this card is that other than the sheet that the envelope was cut from, all the rest were from my scrap box!


  1. Great card Rhonda!!

    And Your blog looks great!!!

  2. Very cute card. And your blog is all decorated for Christmas