Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GRAD word books

I've been working on a couple of word books for each of Amanda's grandmothers. I did two books, but they are basically the same, so I am only posting pictures of the one for my mom. These are the first word books that I have ever done. You can cut your own word book with the Cricut, but I just bought mine. It was a more difficult process than I thought it would be. The biggest mistake that I made was covering over the holes and thinking that they would be easy to find later and punch out.
I also bought 3 different sizes of rings before I got the right size. I used the 1" book rings.
Amanda graduated from high school back in June, the book says GRAD:
I positioned the picture on the R page so that she could be seen through the G when the book was closed.

Amanda was in band all 4 years, so there had to be a picture of her playing her French horn. The picture on the A page is my favorite picture of her, taken out at TMS the day she drove a racecar. (Yes, she went 150 mph!)
On the last two pages, I put a picture of my Mom with Amanda the day after she was born and then a picture of my parents with her at dinner the night that she graduated from high school.


  1. Oh it turned out so cute Rhonda. I want to make one.

  2. Oh I love your word book. It turned out really good. I want to try to make one.