Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pictures in Sequence

This is a page that I did of a high school football game. Some how I managed to have all these pictures that went in a perfect sequence of the song they were doing. (Believe me, it was totally by accident!) I cut those pictures as small as possible and lined them up across the bottom. I put a patterned paper behind it to accent the sequence. Also, on this page is a picture of a local landmark (hint: it's no longer standing) I made sure that I did not cut that picture down, so that you could see Texas Stadium in the background. (One of these days, that will be really "ccol" that Amanda performed on the field at Texas Stadium!) I'm not sure who makes this Marching Band paper, it may have been Reminisce. The music note paper came from my friend Sharon, the title was cut with Graphically Speaking. The cardstock is CM.

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